Thrive HR Consulting

Client: Thrive HR Consulting
Services: Logo Design | Web Design


When your boss becomes your client.

This project was made in collaboration with Meli Marketing, a local boutique marketing agency in Katy, TX were I formerly worked.

As for the project, the client requested a fresh image targeting millennials’ business owners who require professional HR consulting.

My role in this project was to design the logo, brand and website while Meli Marketing created the content and SEO optimization of the site.


Minimalistic with a dash of subtle tones

HR services can be overwhelming, especially to a young business that is getting introduced to it. Thrive HR provides several services that can be overwhelming if listed in a “word-y” traditional way. To solve this, we implemented icons for each service and introduced case studies to exemplify the use and purpose of those services.

thrive website 1
thrive website 2
thrive website 3