01. Who is James Orsatti?

Marketing & helping the community are my passion, I am never affraid to try something new or challenging .

02. Branding & Graphic Design

Having a recognizable brand is one of the most important and valuable assets a business owns. Let me help you and your business create a recognizable brand with consistent collateral and marketing graphics to make your business reach as far as you want!

03. Web Design & SEO

Nowadays everyone can build a website but… how does your website perform? Is it reaching your correct audience? Let me help you create (or fix) your website.

04. Marketing Services

Working in collaboration with a talented team of artist, developers, copywriters, influencers, marketing analysts, printers, etc. this is your “One-Stop” for all your marketing needs.

SEO & Web Optimization

We can help your website rank higher on search engines and provide a smooth experience for your website visitors. Our team will scan, fix and (if necessary) create the best content for your website!

Creative for Digital & Print

Let’s put it this way… imagine that in three weeks you have an event. In order to promote this event you need a landing page, boost some posts on social media and print some flyers to handout. Also, for the day of the event, you want to have a banner, a branded tent and put your logo in some stress-balls to handout during the event. How many people will you have to contact to have everything done?

The answer is… ONE! And that’s me.

05. Info

If you have any questions regarding how to improve your business presence or just need a design or video, you can contact me at 832-526-2053 or send an email to [email protected]

My Resume