Coolist Pillows

Client: Coolist
Date: June 10, 2019
Services: Branding | Logo Design | Web Design


What makes Coolist Pillows so unique?

Coolist pillows are made with an organic base foam becoming one of the first organic foam pillows in the market. Besides being a unique and comfortable pillow, the true challenge is to compete with other pillow brands.

This project was done while working at Meli Marketing, a marketing boutique in Katy, TX, and my roll in this project was to design the brand, collateral material (including tags and labels) and front end of the website.

Process & Result

Overall, it was an easy project but with a lot of challenges…

It was easy to brand the product, create the collateral and design the website. The challenge was to communicate why these pillows were so unique and different from anything else on the market but, thanks to social media and presenting the product on nation tv, the launch of the product was a success.